Ossia Studio

Amplify your brand

Your complete audio advertising production platform – made for simpler, faster, and more creative experiences

Streamlined Workflows

Simply select your preferred track, upload your voice-over, and let our platform do the rest

Quality Soundtracks

Our premium music library is engineered by our talented in-house producers and scaled to thousands of variations by our artificial intelligence engine

Simple & Global Licensing

With Ossia Studio, perpetual and global licensing comes as standard across all audio adverts formats

Simple and Intuitive Interface

1. Upload your voice-over and watch Ossia Studio automatically optimise it for higher-quality advertising.

2. Select a track from your genre/mood/tempo of choice.

3. Pick from a variety of AI-generated ads to upload to your campaign.

Premium Quality Audio

Choose from a varied and contemporary library generated by our award-winning producers.

Get access to an unlimited music library with infinite music remix technology.

Select tracks to suit every genre, mood or demographic for truly personalised advertising.

Ad Version 1

Ad Version 2

Ad Version 3

Global and Perpetual Licensing

  • All our music is produced in-house, and therefore, royalty-free by default.

  • Play an ad anywhere with unrestricted usage — in perpetuity.

  • Licensed for podcasts, radio, digital streaming platforms, and all audio advertising formats.

Reach consumers in new moments

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to connect with consumers in the world’s fastest-growing advertising channel.

We empower the quick and simple creation of audio ads for podcasts, radio, and streaming platforms worldwide.

“This innovative technology accelerates our speed-to-market and, most importantly, speaks to our customers in the tone and style that is consistent with their preferred music genre.”

Mollie Andrews, Vice President of Marketing, Cox Communications